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DMV Targets Diesel Smoke

Heavy Duty Diesel Smog Enforcement Program Fields Two Teams


The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety is ready to begin an aggressive program to crack down on emissions control violations by operators of heavy-duty diesel trucks.

Two teams consisting of an experienced police officer and an emissions control technician will patrol Clark County highways in marked vehicles. The teams will be able to stop any smoking diesel vehicle, conduct an emissions test on the spot and cite the driver if the vehicle fails. The driver and owner are given 30 days to repair the vehicle or the Department will levy an $800 administrative fine.

The teams will also conduct fleet inspections at various trucking facilities and construction sites. And, they will work with the Nevada Highway Patrol's Commercial Enforcement Division to conduct emissions tests at the same time as NHP trucking safety inspections.

A Media Demonstration will be held Wednesday, December 8th.

Heavy Duty Diesel Smog Enforcement Demonstration
10 a.m. Wednesday, December 8th, 1999
DMV&PS Emissions Lab
2701 E. Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Officer Michael Hurley, Officer Chester Clagett and DMV&PS emissions experts will be available to answer questions and demonstrate the vehicles and field testing equipment.

The Heavy Duty Diesel Smog Enforcement Program was established by the 1999 Nevada Legislature as part of a comprehensive study of air quality programs in Clark County. The study is to be completed by June 30, 2000 but the program will continue to operate at least through June 30, 2001. The diesel program has two overall goals: 1) to bring smoking vehicles into compliance or take them out of service; and 2) to gather information on the extent of diesel-caused pollution in the Las Vegas valley.

DMV&PS also operates the Smoking Vehicle Observation Hotline. The public can report smoking vehicles of any size or type by calling 642-SMOG.