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October 23, 2015


Pilot project for appointments is on the way

CARSON CITY – The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles says October wait times at its metropolitan offices are down 65 percent compared to the month of June. The four Las Vegas offices have dropped wait times by 61 percent, from 107 minutes on average to 42. The Reno office has cut waits by 82 percent from 126 minutes on average to 23.

“The new staff approved earlier this year have made a huge difference,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard. “We’re keeping more windows open throughout the day. Some offices occasionally reach a zero wait time during slower periods of the day.”

New staff members approved by the 2015 Nevada Legislature have completed training and are now serving customers. The Legislature approved 75 new positions. The department has hired and trained well over 100 new and replacement employees since July 1.

The DMV estimated the new positions would cut wait times by 40 percent. The actual reduction has been about 65 percent across all metropolitan offices.
Factors in the reduction other than the new staff include record usage of alternate services, including the popular “DMV in a Box” kiosks, the expansion of online capable transactions and other managerial changes.

The DMV will be bringing back an improved version of Dash Pass, the use of which was suspended by the agency in July. The new version will include remote check-in and, for the first time in Nevada, an advance appointment system.

A pilot project of the new “Dash Pass Appointments” will begin November 2 in Reno. Motorists will be able to schedule appointments, via the department’s website, for check-in times occurring during the middle part of the day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Those without appointments will be able to join the line remotely from their cellular phone under the same system in use prior to July. One major difference; however, is that both appointment and remote check-in customers will have to verify their presence at the DMV before they are called to a window.

“Appointments should be another big step forward for the DMV,” said Dillard. “And we’re bringing Dash Pass remote check-in back because it was popular and effective for those who used it properly.”

Dillard added that the best way to avoid DMV waits is to use the department’s alternate services including MyDMV online transactions and self-service kiosks. The department website is

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Average Wait Time
Las Vegas and Reno DMV Offices
June 1-30, 2015 vs. October 1-22, 2015

Office Jun Oct % Change
Decatur 112 41 -63%
Flamingo 102 45 -56%
Henderson 117 51 -56%
Sahara 97 32 -66%
Las Vegas Average 107 42 -61%
Galletti (Reno) 126 23 -82%
Average for metro offices 111 38 -65%