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March 11, 2015



CARSON CITY – Many of our customers, especially those in our busier offices in Las Vegas and Reno, have been dealing with unprecedented wait times and the frustration level has been high. There are no words I can offer that will erase those frustrations. However, I believe our customers deserve an explanation as to why our wait times have increased so dramatically over the past several months.

On average, our metro offices handle about 1,100 customers per day, six days per week.  Our challenge is one of supply and demand. We simply have more customers than capacity to serve them. A look at some statistics offers some insight into what is happening:

  • In 2013, our four Las Vegas metro offices served 1,429,887 customers. Our average wait time in the metro offices was 40 minutes.
  • In 2014, our four Las Vegas metro offices served 1,734,367 customers, an increase of more than 304,000 customers. Our average wait time doubled.
  • During the first two months of 2015, the upward trend has continued and at this pace we may hit two million customers in 2015. Our wait times continue to increase.

Why is this happening? We can point to several reasons why our offices are busier than ever:

  • The economy is in a rebound. More people are buying and registering vehicles and that means more customers at our offices. In addition, the state is growing again, meaning new residents and new registrations and driver’s licenses.
  • In January 2014 the Driver Authorization Card program for undocumented residents went into effect. That has added to the customer count.
  • In November 2014 the federal Real ID driver’s license initiative became effective, resulting in more people having to come to the office. We are making a concerted effort to inform customers they do not need to change their license at this time. They can change over to a Real ID license or ID card when their current card is up for renewal. The Department of Homeland Security will honor existing cards at airports until 2020.
  • In January 2014 an eight-year driver’s license program began, again increasing the number of people coming to our offices. The eight-year license will remove 1.5 million licensed drivers from having to come to our offices every four years. Though contributing to a short term increase, this action will reduce customer counts over the next several years.
  • The federal government made changes to the Commercial Driver’s License medical requirements, which is resulting in more people having to come to the office.

All these factors are contributing to longer wait times. So what are we doing about it?

Our action plan in response to this challenge starts with asking the Legislature for 75 positions to be able to fully staff all service windows throughout the workday, six days per week. Governor Sandoval asked for these positions in his budget and we are hopeful the Legislature will concur.

We implemented the Electronic Dealer Report of Sale (EDRS) program with Nevada’s auto dealerships so vehicle buyers can complete their registration process online and receive their plates and tags in the mail, without having to visit a DMV office.

In 2013 we launched the MyDMV online portal that allows customers to set up an online account where all of their DMV transactions and information are stored in one, secure place. Through January of this year, more than 378,000 accounts had been established. Since May of 2013, more than 717,940 transactions have been conducted via this portal.

We continue to encourage customers to use our kiosks, which have very short wait times and are located at our offices and partner locations. Last fiscal year we processed 577,771 transactions at our kiosks, our highest number yet.

From 2013 to 2014, transactions using these alternative services (online, kiosks) increased by nearly a quarter of million people and we expect our alternative service numbers will continue to grow.

We are working to expand the types of transactions that can be completed online or at our kiosks. We understand the paradigm shift underway in our digital society and want to be consistent with new technology evolving in our culture.

We are also working with our DashPass queue vendor to better mesh that system with our operations. Launched statewide last fall, DashPass allows customers to check in by phone, online or via text message to get in line before they arrive at DMV. Prior to DashPass, our customers had no way of knowing how long they would be waiting when they came into our offices. Now with DashPass they can find out how many people are ahead of them in line and do their waiting somewhere other than our offices. Currently, when we reach capacity in our queue system we restrict access for new customers from outside the office.

However, walk-in customers who are in our offices before closing are served. Some have concluded that the DashPass system is responsible for increased wait times. That it is not the case. We are continuing to adjust the DashPass system to make it more efficient. However, the rule of supply and demand is causing our increased wait times.

Internally, we are studying how we can be more efficient with the resources we have. We have authorized overtime pay so our technicians can stay later when high volumes dictate. We have implemented schedule changes to maximize window coverage at our offices. We are exploring additional options to expedite or shift high volume transactions from our full service offices to improve customer service and reduce wait times.

Part of our efforts have included an increased and focused effort to educate our customers about options they have which include online services and kiosks that do not require a visit to DMV. We have redesigned our website and are using advertising and social media to tell our customers about the options they have.

In total, we are exploring every avenue to fix the problem that lies in front of us. There are no easy solutions; however, we believe there are solutions. The Nevada DMV is committed to customer service. Even in the face of difficult obstacles, we remain committed to improving the driver’s license and vehicle registration experience.

Troy Dillard, Director
Nevada DMV

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