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DMV rolls out Dash Pass queuing system in Carson City
System uses technology developed for theme parks, hospitals

CARSON CITY – Nevada DMV rolled out its new queuing system, Dash Pass, this week in Carson City. The new system is designed to revolutionize the way Nevada residents wait in line for DMV services.

The system was tested earlier this year in a pilot at the agency’s Reno office. Dash Pass is now available at both the Carson City and Reno offices. The statewide rollout, including Las Vegas, is scheduled for July.

DMV has entered into an agreement with QLess of Pasadena, CA, to provide a queuing system that allows DMV customers to place themselves in a virtual line via text, phone, online or at a DMV office self-service terminal.

“It changes the whole dynamic of waiting in line at the DMV,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard. “Historically, our customers have had to arrange their schedules to accommodate waiting at a DMV office. Now, they will be able to control the process by utilizing that time for their own purposes and not having to wait in our offices,” Dillard added.

Nevada will be one of the first states to deploy a queuing system for multiple functions, including vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses, identification cards and driver histories. QLess technology is being used at DMVs in Texas, Michigan, Kansas and Missouri. The technology has been used for years in the theme park, retail, healthcare and education arenas.

“With a mission to liberate customers from waiting in line, we are pleased to partner with Nevada DMV, helping the organization take a major leap forward with its customer service,” said Dr. Alex Backer, founder and CEO of QLess.

DMV customers will be able to text, phone or go online to place themselves in the Dash Pass queue. Once in the virtual queue, customers will receive text updates telling them how many people are ahead of them and providing a time estimate as to when their number will be called. The system will even allow people to push themselves back in the queue if they will not arrive at the office on schedule.

When they arrive at the DMV, the last four digits of their phone number will be displayed on the queue screens and announced on the public address system.  Customers who checked in with Dash Pass will be notified via text as to the window number where they will be served. 

To use the Carson City system, customers will need to do the following:

“We are hopeful that Dash Pass will be a success,” said Dillard. “We conducted a survey last year when this was only a concept and asked our customers what they thought of the idea. Nearly 75 percent of those polled thought it would be either extremely or moderately helpful. We believe the reality will be even better.”.