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Nevada state agencies to observe truck technology demonstration
DOT, DPS, DMV to see two-truck platooning demonstration

RENO – Representatives of Nevada’s three primary transportation agencies, Nevada DOT (NDOT), Nevada Department of Public Safety (NDPS) and Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (NDMV), will observe a field demonstration of a new driver-assistive truck technology here Thursday at 11 a.m. as semi-trucks fitted with a two-truck platooning system hold a series of demonstration runs near the westbound Wadsworth Rest Stop (about 35 miles east of Reno).

Peloton Technology of Menlo Park, California is demonstrating the Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications and driver assistance technology that was designed to solve the two biggest challenges facing the $650 billion trucking industry: Crashes and fuel economy.

“We connect forward collision avoidance technology on a pair of trucks, mitigating the most common truck accidents.  Our platooning network operations center ensures that the trucks and drivers operate in the safest mode for the road and conditions. The pairing of the trucks links their safety systems, increases driver awareness, and saves fuel for both trucks.  The leading truck saves fuel as well,” said Peloton CEO Josh Switkes. “Our goal is to make Peloton-equipped trucks the safest and most efficient on the road,” he added.

The system was road tested in Utah with major trucking fleet C.R. England in 2013 and showed double-digit fuel savings and encouraging results in developing safer conditions for trucks and other motorists on the highway.

“Nevada was a leader in licensing the testing of autonomous vehicles and we welcome new technologies that will make our highways safer and the vehicles traveling on them more efficient,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard.

Dillard will be joined by NDOT Deputy Director Bill Hoffman, NHP Chief Dennis Osborne and Tom Wilczek of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development at Thursday’s demonstration.  A number of elected officials have been invited as well.

Peloton’s automated vehicle technology uses sophisticated vehicle control algorithms and Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) to link pairs of long-haul trucks. The safety systems are always active on individual trucks and when the trucks are out on appropriate divided highways they can form close-formation two-truck platoons after approval by the Peloton Network Operations Center.

The system controls braking and acceleration, similar to adaptive cruise control, and drivers remain fully engaged and retain steering control. The dramatic reduction in aerodynamic drag in these two-truck platoons provides unprecedented fuel economy savings for both the trailing and the leading truck. A real-time video link lets the rear driver see the road ahead of the platoon. The real-time data connection to the trucks by the Peloton Network Operations Center also allows new levels of continuous safety monitoring and predictive maintenance, while empowering better drivers and stronger fleet management, according to the company.

The demonstration has been coordinated with NDOT, NDPS, and NDMV and there will be no interruption to regular truck and passenger vehicle traffic flow on I-80.  The Wadsworth Rest Stop will also remain open to the public during the event.

EDITOR’S NOTE: News organizations wishing to ride in the cab of the trailing truck for the short demonstration runs need to reserve a slot by emailing the Peloton team.  Email requests should be copied to both Stephen Boyd ( (202-441-0442) and Katherine Dumont (



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