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DMV Asks Motorists to Wait for a New License
ASI licenses will not be required for years to come

The Department of Motor Vehicles is reminding Nevada motorists that they do not need to obtain one of the new “ASI” driver licenses right away. Advance Secure Issuance (ASI) is a new licensing program now operating in the DMV’s 18 field offices.

The DMV says people have been crowding the offices under a misconception that ASI licenses, marked with a gold star, will soon be required by the federal government for boarding aircraft and other federal purposes.

All existing Nevada cards will remain valid for federal purposes because the state has met the required federal benchmarks. Under federal rules, those born after December 1, 1964, have until December 2014 to obtain a compliant license. Those born prior to December 1, 1964, have until December 2017.

"This new program is running smoothly," said DMV Director Edgar Roberts. "But we are asking motorists to help us keep the lines as short as possible by waiting to get their new ASI license on or shortly before their usual expiration date."

What motorists should do now is ensure they have the proper proof of identity ready. Under ASI, all license and ID card holders will be required to show proof of identity in the coming years. Proof of identity will be required at the next major license change including drive tests, names changes, reinstatements or adding endorsements. If a motorist has no changes, proof of identity will be required at one renewal in the coming years.

Nevada, for the first time, is also requiring proof of residential address such as mortgage or lease contracts, utility bills and bank statements. This is required for a change of address as well as the most other transactions. Full details of the proof of identity requirements and the ASI program are available on the DMV website at

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