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NEWS FROM: Compliance Enforcement Division 09-008

DMV Continues ID Fraud Arrests
Facial recognition software solves other crimes

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles’ sworn officers in the southern-area Fraud Unit made 21 arrests in May, including a suspect who allegedly used a stolen identity to commit check fraud and another accused of fraudulently obtaining veterans disability benefits.

One suspect, 52-year-old Wesley A. Boyd of Las Vegas, held a Nevada identification card under a false name since 2003. The department’s facial recognition system flagged his records when he was photographed for a change in his real license earlier this year. In addition to identity fraud, Boyd was arrested on outstanding Clark County warrants related to check fraud under the false name.

Another suspect, 63-year-old Joseph Franklin Flint of Las Vegas, obtained a Nevada commercial driver license under a false name in 2006 and worked as a driver in the Las Vegas area. Facial recognition flagged his record when he applied for a non-commercial instruction permit under his real name. Further investigation revealed Flint was collecting full disability benefits from the Veterans Administration during his employment. The VA is pursuing its own investigation.

“People engage in identity theft and fraud in order to commit other types of offenses,” says Compliance Enforcement Division Sergeant Thomas Newsome. “We almost always end up solving other crimes when we arrest an ID fraud suspect.”

The DMV southern-area Fraud Unit opened 154 cases of ID fraud, document fraud and stolen vehicles in May. The unit closed 134 cases, cancelled 41 fraudulent records in addition to the arrests and impounded one stolen vehicle.




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Here are two of the 21 arrests made by the DMV Fraud Unit in Las Vegas in May. The photographs are the Clark County Detention Center booking photos taken the day of the arrest.

Wesley A. Boyd
Wesley A. Boyd

On May 5, 2009, CED investigators arrested Wesley A. Boyd, 52 of Las Vegas, at the Flamingo branch office after an investigation revealed the suspect allegedly utilized the personal identifying information of another person to obtain a Nevada identification card.

Facial recognition flagged Boyd after he was photographed for his real driver license in April. The subsequent investigation also revealed outstanding Clark County felony warrants issued under the other person’s name.

The department issued cancellation letters on both records. Boyd was arrested as he responded to these. During questioning, he revealed his true name, admitted to obtaining the fraudulent Identification card and stated he was also responsible for the outstanding warrants.

Boyd was transported to the Clark County Detention Center where he was booked for a violation of NRS 205.463 Obtaining and using the personal identifying information of another to harm or impersonate. He also faces felony charges related to check fraud. Total bail was set at $10,770.

Joseph F. Flint
Joseph Franklin Flint

On May 29, 2009, CED investigators arrested Joseph Franklin Flint, 63 of Las Vegas, at his residence after a joint investigation in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). Flint allegedly utilized fraudulent personal identifying information to obtain a Nevada Commercial Driver License in the name of James E. O’Brien in 2006.

Flint worked as a bus driver and a cab driver in the Las Vegas area under the name O’Brien. He obtained a Nevada ID card under his real name in 2008. Facial recognition flagged his records when he applied for a non-commercial Instruction Permit in May 2009.

A subsequent investigation revealed Flint had been collecting disability benefits from the VA under his real name. However, the benefits program he was enrolled in prohibited him from drawing benefits and being employed at the same time.

Flint was booked for four felony violations: NRS 205.465 Possession or sale of documents or personal identifying information to establish false status or identity, NRS 205.110 Forgery, NRS 483.530 Unlawful Use of License and NRS 205.060 Burglary. Total bail was set at $14,000. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs is pursuing a separate criminal investigation.