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NEWS FROM: Directors Office     07-006

New Law Requires Registration of Certain Vehicles
Previously Exempt as Special Mobile Equipment

The Department of Motor Vehicles is notifying construction companies and drilling operations that some of their heavy vehicles will have to be registered and display license plates under a new law that takes effect July 1. The new requirements apply to concrete pumping trucks, self-propelled cranes and well-drilling vehicles. All trailers used to haul off-road equipment must be registered as well.

“Generally, if a vehicle is capable of traveling long distances at posted highway speeds, has highway-rated tires or travels on a controlled-access highway, it’s no longer special mobile equipment under the new law and must be registered,” DMV spokesman Tom Jacobs said.

Assembly Bill 39, signed into law by Governor Jim Gibbons on May 21, 2007, removes highway-capable vehicles from the special mobile equipment classification. Special mobile equipment is defined as a vehicle not designed or used primarily for the transportation of people or property and only incidentally operated or moved on a highway. Examples include farm tractors and road graders.

Exemption certificates previously issued by the department for the reclassified vehicles will not be valid after July 1. Vehicles still exempt from registration must have an exemption certificate dated after the law takes effect. Penalties for operating an unregistered vehicle or the improper use of dyed fuel on a highway can reach $10,000.

The law also establishes new record-keeping and reporting rules for all vehicles with a gross weight rating of over 26,000 pounds. Details can be found at or by calling the DMV’s Motor Carrier Division at 775-684-4711.

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