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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  September 12, 2006
NEWS FROM: Directors Office     06-008

Debit Card Option Adds Convenience, Saves Tax Dollars

Motorists doing business on the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles’ website at can now choose to pay fees with their debit card, a choice that could save taxpayers $200,000 or more per year.

Credit card fees cost the state an average of $4 per transaction while a debit transaction costs less than $1. The DMV is encouraging all of its web customers to choose debit or the existing E-Check option.

“We began giving motorists the debit card choice on our website Aug. 28,” DMV Director Ginny Lewis said. “About 200 motorists a day are choosing to pay with a debit card and that reduces our costs by $600 a day or $200,000 a year. We’d like to see that figure go much higher.”

About 40 percent of the DMV’s credit card transactions are processed through the web site. The department wants to bring debit cards to its field offices as well.

Lewis plans to go before a future Interim Finance Committee meeting and ask to purchase the personal identification number (PIN) pads necessary to offer debit payments in the offices. Although a PIN is not necessary for an Internet transaction, it is required at the counters.

Being able to offer the debit card choice in the department’s field offices statewide could save the state at least $500,000 annually, according to Lewis.

“Finding options that save tax dollars and enables the public to use alternative payment methods is just a part of our on-going commitment to serving the Nevada motorist as quickly and efficiently as we can,” Lewis said.

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