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NEWS FROM: Director's Office

Stolen DMV Equipment Recovered

Metro police officers, following a lead, searched the rooftop of an unoccupied building on the northwest corner of Industrial and Warm Springs Roads yesterday morning and found the license-making equipment and supplies stolen from the Nevada DMV's office on Donovan Way March 7.

“I’m elated that everything that was stolen from the Donovan office was recovered,” DMV Director Ginny Lewis said. “The theft was a hard lesson for us and we’ve done what we can to ensure something like that will never happen again. To get it all back now is a tremendous relief and a credit to the hard work of Southwest Identity Fraud Task Force (SWIFT).”

SWIFT includes representatives from the DMV’s Fraud Unit, the Secret Service, Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Henderson Police Department and the U.S. District Attorney’s office.

Paul Masto, assistant special agent in charge of the U.S. Secret Service’s Las Vegas field office and head of SWIFT, said the work of the task force made the stolen equipment too hot to handle.

“This didn’t magically fall out of the sky,” Masto said. “There were two events that happened: a break in and a tip. Between those two events was a lot of work that included search warrants, polygraph tests, interviews and stake-outs. That heated up the stolen goods until they were glowing red.”

The task force is currently examining the computer hard drives recovered to determine if the thieves were able access the personal data they contain and a determination should be made within 10 days. Results will be released as soon as available.

According to Masto, no arrests have been made yet and the investigation is continuing.

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