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NEWS FROM: Central Services Division 

Nevada Unveils “United We Stand” License Plate

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles today released the new “United We Stand” license plate to help the fight against terrorism and honor those who lost their lives in the attacks on September 11, 2001. A bill introduced by Assemblywoman Vonne Chowning, D-Las Vegas, and passed last legislative session authorized the plate.

“After the tragedy that happened in 9-11, it made us all aware of how vulnerable we are and how important training and equipment is at the local level,” Chowning said. “So I decided to do everything I could to raise funds for police training, fire fighting training and the purchase of equipment in case of emergency.”

The plate, available at Department of Motor Vehicles offices, features an American bald eagle in front of a U.S. flag and the phrases “United We Stand” and “We Will Never Forget.”

Chowning said the patriotic plate is a way to raise money without raising taxes but the design serves another purpose. “I wanted it to be a way our citizens can show their patriotism and respect for the people who died in 9-11,” she said.

The United We Stand plate is the first Nevada license plate to be manufactured using the DMV’s new flat plate technology. The new plates are flat rather than embossed and use a slightly thinner sheet of aluminum. The flat plates are less expensive to produce. More important, the new technology is more environmentally safe and gives the department the flexibility to produce any style of plate as needed.

The production of new plate styles is also greatly simplified and the department will be releasing several other plate designs in the coming months. 

The cost of the United We Stand plate is $61 for standard numbering and $96 for personalized numbering. $25 of the initial purchase and a $20 annual renewal fee will help the state and local governments fight terrorism. The revenue will be disbursed by the State Emergency Response Commission to support state and local first responders in planning, training, exercise and equipment efforts.

Motorists who wish to simply exchange their existing Nevada plates for the United We Stand plates with standard numbering should bring the old plates to a DMV full service office. A registration renewal or emission inspection is not necessary unless the renewal is otherwise due. DMV will charge a plate transfer fee of $6 for total fees of $67. 

Motorists who desire a personalized version are encouraged to visit the DMV’s website at, download the Personalized License Plate Application and order the plates by mail. Motorists who have just purchased a vehicle or are coming from out of state may obtain standard United We Stand plates or order personalized versions at the same time they register their vehicle.

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Editor’s Note: A 300-dpi image of the United We Stand plate is available on the DMV’s web site at


United We Stand Plate

United We Stand Plate

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