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The five self-service registration renewal kiosks now available at Department of Motor Vehicles offices in northern Nevada are like no others in the country. It takes about 90 seconds to renew a vehicle registration using the touch-screen machine and customers can pay with cash as well as credit cards.

Nevada’s kiosks are the only ones in the country that take cash, make change and then immediately dispense a new registration and decal. Virginia has kiosks that allow customers to renew their driver’s license or vehicle registration, but the machines don’t accept cash and motorists receive their documents in the mail days later. Motorists in Indiana can renew their vehicle registrations at kiosks and get their stickers immediately, but those kiosks only accept checks and credit cards.

Nevada’s machines also accommodate Spanish-speaking customers.

Testing of the renewal kiosks was completed in April and installation of nine machines began in DMV offices in southern Nevada in May. Installation of the five machines slated for northern Nevada began in early June and is now complete. The Reno Express and Sparks Express offices each have one, the Reno office has two and there is one in Carson City.

Statistics show that about a third of the DMV’s transactions are in cash. Until now, cash customers had no alternative but to wait until it was their turn with a technician.

“Customers using the kiosk to renew their registration not only finish their business faster, they’re not making the lines longer for customers who have no choice but to wait for a technician,” DMV director Ginny Lewis said.

“We’ve been working hard to find ways to reduce wait times at our offices and improve customer service,” said Lewis.

“Our goal is to get the wait time statewide under an hour. The kiosk project is just one part of the solution, along with renewals at emission stations, our web site at and staffing.”

The DMV’s statistics for May show that the nine machines in southern Nevada handled 2,062 cash transactions and 1,342 credit card transactions with 794 transactions in Spanish.

“The numbers validate the fact that Nevada has a strong cash economy and that’s the segment the kiosks are designed to serve,” Lewis said.

The kiosk project was approved during the last legislative session and a test kiosk was installed in the DMV’s W. Carey office in North Las Vegas last September. It took eight months of extensive testing and programming before the department was willing to begin installing kiosks in other offices.

“We not only had to make sure of the hardware and software,” Lewis said, “we had to be sure customers would feel comfortable using them. That may have been the easiest part. Customers love them.”

The DMV began installing additional kiosks in early May. The final two of nine southern Nevada machines were installed in the Henderson office May 24. Five additional machines are now in Reno, Sparks and Carson City for a total of 14 machines statewide.

Contractor JCM American Corporation, located in Henderson, built the kiosks. The DMV pays a five percent commission on each transaction with a minimum fee of $5 and a maximum fee of $15.
Last legislative session, $2 million was earmarked to fund the project over the next biennium.

Although the kiosks presently can only handle vehicle registration renewals, there is ample room to expand the project.

“The second phase, “ Lewis said, “is to expand the menu of services so that the kiosks are similar to our Web site. That would include services like late registration, driver’s license renewal and registration reinstatements from an insurance lapse.”

Lewis also said that, in the future, kiosks could be available to motorists outside of DMV offices, in grocery stores and shopping malls.


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