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NEWS FROM: Field Services Division


Prospective drivers in Nevada will soon be able to choose either English or Spanish when taking the knowledge portion of their driver exam.  A Spanish version of the test is being added to the department’s new computerized testing machines and will be available statewide on Thursday, July 31.

Last November, the DMV installed 87 computerized testing machines at offices statewide with testing in English only.  Prospective drivers more comfortable with Spanish were given the old paper test.

The department has now completed a new version of the test in Spanish. It reflects the latest Nevada traffic laws and the translation contained in the new Spanish Driver Handbook, which was released last year. Prospective drivers in either language can use the touch-screen computer test in writing, have the computer read the questions through headphones or request a printed version. Because the new system eliminates the need for an interpreter, testing is faster and fewer people are in the testing room.

“The machines offer a faster and fairer exam,” DMV Director Ginny Lewis said.  “Questions are randomly selected from a pool of 153 questions so each test is different.”

In addition, each question is accompanied by a clarifying photo or illustration and the computer automatically ends a session once the test taker answers enough questions correctly to pass or answers enough questions incorrectly to fail. The stations also have the ability to track the number of right and wrong answers on any question, allowing the department to identify and either rewrite or eliminate difficult or ambiguous questions.