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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    January 7, 2003
NEWS FROM: Insurance Verification Program

DMV Halts Insurance Mailings

In October, 2002, the Department of Motor Vehicles began addressing the problem of incomplete insurance records. As a result, hundreds of insured motorists received requests to verify insurance information.  The DMV has temporarily halted the mailing of insurance verification requests to motorists renewing their registrations. The department will continue to mail requests to motorists when insurance companies send notification indicating a drop or lapse in insurance coverage. To assist in the correction of incomplete records, the DMV has submitted a second request to insurance companies asking that they submit their entire “book of business.”

One of Nevada’s largest insurers has already submitted their book of business which represented more than 175,000 records. Seven other companies have recently agreed to provide their Nevada policy information. DMV Director Ginny Lewis said she is pleased with this response.

“We regret the inconvenience our effort to improve the Insurance Verification Program has caused many long–time Nevadans and their insurance companies,” said DMV Director Ginny Lewis. “Our insurance data base is only as complete and accurate as the information provided to us by the insurance companies.”

Improvements to the Insurance Verification Program in fiscal year 2002 showed dramatic results in identifying uninsured motorists. In fiscal year 2002, 46,773 motorists reinstated their vehicle registration following a suspension for no insurance as compared to 19,582 reinstatements in fiscal year 2001.

In addition to keeping uninsured motorists off the road, revenues from the reinstatement fees totaled $8.4 million, more than double the DMV projection of $3.8 million. The majority of this revenue reverts to the State Highway Fund and is used for highway improvements.

“It is important to remember that the purpose of the Insurance Verification Program is to identify uninsured motorists and keep them off of our highways,” said Lewis. “The key to its success is the exchange of information between the insurance companies and the department.”

The department strongly urges motorists to complete and return insurance verification requests, even in cases where the policy has been in effect for a long period. The department will then validate the motorist’s information with the insurance company.  In cases where the motorist or the insurance company fails to respond to the request, the DMV is required by law to suspend the vehicle registration. For specific questions or problems call Insurance Verification at 800-344-0483, email  or log on to for general information about the insurance program.