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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    November 7, 2002
NEWS FROM: Motor Vehicle Information Technology
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DMV Adds New Online Service

Driver History Reports Now Available

Nevada motorists can now access their driver history record through the Department of Motor Vehicles web site at

“We expect this to be a great convenience to those seeking employment and to those who are simply curious about their record,” said DMV Director Ginny Lewis. “It's just another choice for Nevada motorists when they have to conduct business with the DMV.”

More than 1,500 people have already used the service since it went online Friday, November 1st.

“That’s 1,500 people who did not have to visit a DMV office,” Lewis said.

Like the DMV’s other online services, driver history reports are handled through a secure Internet server to assure privacy. Motorists must enter an extensive list of information exactly as it appears on their license to be able to access their record.  Address information and social security numbers are not released.

DMV also offers driver license renewals, vehicle registration renewals and registration fee estimates online. Nearly 20,000 people per month use these online services.