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NEWS FROM:  Compliance Enforcement Division 02-157  


DMV Remote Sensing Helps Cut Smog
On-The-Road Emissions Tests To Be Held This Week


The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles will be helping improve the air quality in the Las Vegas Valley this week by conducting remote sensing of vehicle emissions at five locations. The department expects to test at least 20,000 vehicles over five days under the EPA-mandated program.


“Remote sensing helps the valley’s air quality in a number of ways,” said Jim Parsons, administrator of the DMV Compliance Enforcement Division.  “The data helps us evaluate the effectiveness of the DMV’s emissions program. It helps local, state and federal authorities estimate the overall level of vehicle emissions. We also use it to identify specific vehicles which are violating emissions standards.”


A team from the DMV’s Emission Control Section will set up sensors which measure the levels of pollutants as each vehicle drives past. A freeze-frame video camera also captures the license plate number of each vehicle.


The department will notify the registered owners of failing vehicles, which will have to be retested and, if necessary, repaired. Mailed notification letters will ask owners to set an appointment and have a standard emissions test completed, at no cost, at the DMV Emissions Test Lab on Sahara Ave.


Remote sensing is one of several steps the DMV is taking to improve Nevada’s Inspection/Maintenance, or smog check, program and the air quality in the Las Vegas Valley.


The department has required smog check stations to install new emissions analyzers which offer a host of improvements.


With this equipment in place, the DMV is also implementing a new type of annual smog check for 1996 and newer vehicles. On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) testing is faster and more accurate than the standard tailpipe test. OBD testing, also mandated by the EPA, will become the standard test on 1996 and newer vehicles by the end of 2002.


Remote sensing will conducted from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day this week at different valley locations.


Editor’s Note:  In an effort to keep traffic disruption to a minimum, please take advantage of the photo and interview opportunity Monday, April 1, 2002 at 10 a.m. at the onramp from Craig Ave. to southbound I-15.