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 (RENO, Nev.) –The Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety (DMV&PS) provides drivers with an opportunity to prevent air pollution and unexpected vehicle repairs with the Smog Test.  Drivers can take the Smog Test to determine proper car maintenance and reduce vehicle emissions in the air.

 Vehicles emitting visible exhaust are a result of incomplete fuel combustion, which is usually caused by improper engine operation.  The Smog Test can help drivers prevent engine problems, reducing the amount of vehicle emissions in the air.  Poorly maintained vehicles can release as much as 10 times the emissions as a well maintained vehicle.  In addition, smoking vehicles are prohibited as part of Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 445B.100 and 445B.845.

 Smog Test

  1. Is your vehicle getting poor gas mileage? This may be an indication of engine trouble.
  2. Do people plug their nose and roll up their windows when you drive by? Chances are it’s your vehicle.
  3. What color is your vehicle’s exhaust? Vehicles emitting blue, black, gray or white smoke after the vehicle is warmed indicate a need for repair. 
  4. Do you let your car idle for more than 30 seconds? Idling causes the engine to over work resulting in more emission in the air and frequent repairs.
  5. Do you drive at high speeds? Higher speeds result in more vehicle emission released in to the air.
  6. When was the last time you had a vehicle emissions test? Residents of Washoe County who own a gas or diesel powered 1968 or newer vehicle, with a gross weight under 8,500 pounds, are required to have an emissions test. Motorcycles, mopeds and vehicles made in or before 1967 are exempt from emissions testing. **
  7. How often is your vehicle’s oil being changed? Following your vehicles maintenance schedule is the key to prevention.
  8. How old is your car? Newer vehicles are usually more efficient and less polluting.
  9. Are you driving smoothly? Sudden starts and stops result in engine damage causing more vehicle emissions to enter the air.
  10. When you see a smoking vehicle do you report it? Residents of the Truckee Meadows can easily report smoking vehicles by calling 686-SMOG. Callers should be prepared to provide the license plate number of the smoking vehicle, the approximate time the vehicle was spotted and the location of the vehicle. All information is confidential. 

The smoking vehicle program started in 1996, resulting in more than 32,000 calls over the last five years to the DMV.  The program has helped to get more than 5,000 smoking vehicles cleaned up resulting in cleaner air for the region. 

For more information on the smoking vehicle program call 1-877-DMV-STAT (1-877-368-7828) or access

** NOTE: These requirements have changes since this news release was issued. See Emissions for current regulations.