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Note: The #SMOG phone number listed on this page is no longer operational.  Please call 686-SMOG

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   September 1, 2001




 (RENO, Nev.) – The Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety (DMV&PS) provides drivers with 10 driving and maintenance tips to help prevent air pollution caused by vehicle emissions.


  1. Speak out for clean air.  Report smoking vehicles by calling 686-SMOG or #SMOG from any AT&T wireless services phone for free.
  2. Reduce driving by planning your day efficiently.  Combine trips to reduce driving time.
  3. Bike, skate, walk or carpool to work for one week.
  4. Roll down the windows and turn off the air conditioner – enjoy Truckee Meadow’s clean air.  It will save money on gas too.
  5. Keep your car well tuned up. Follow regular maintenance guidelines provided in the owner’s manual.
  6. Don’t overfill or top off your gas tank.  This prevents spilled gas vapors from entering the air.
  7. Have your emissions control system checked regularly to prevent costly repairs in the future.  Smoking vehicles cost you money.
  8. Refuel your car after sundown on warm weather days (above 90 degrees).  This reduces the chance of polluting vapors reacting with sunlight and becoming ground-level ozone.
  9. Drive smoothly at a constant speed and avoid lengthy idling.
  10. Take advantage of environmentally sensitive cars including electric vehicles, gas-electric cars, dual fuel and bi-fuel vehicles.

 The smoking vehicle program started in 1996, resulting in more than 32,000 calls over the last five years to the DMV.  The program has helped to get more than 5,000 smoking vehicles cleaned up resulting in cleaner air for the region. 

 For more information on the smoking vehicle program call 1-877-DMV-STAT (1-877-368-7828) or access