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Electrocution Victim In Stable Condition
Accident at Pahrump Concrete Yard Caused by Poor Grounding

A Pahrump woman is listed in stable condition at University Medical Center in Las Vegas after suffering a severe electrical shock at the Pahrump Concrete batch processing plant this morning.

The woman, in her thirties and employed as a truck driver at the plant, was washing out a concrete transport truck and standing in a puddle of water when she suffered an electrical shock. She initially recovered and went home, but later went into seizures and was transported to Las Vegas by ambulance and CareFlight.

Pahrump Valley Fire/Rescue Services asked the Nevada State Fire Marshal's Office for assistance in determining the cause of the incident.

The results of their joint investigation show two problems in the truck washing area. A concrete electrical junction box buried in the ground was improperly grounded and a splice in the 220-volt cables inside the box was not watertight.

Water from truck washing had saturated the ground in and around the junction box. Electricity leaked from the splice, traveled through puddles of water on the ground and through the woman's body to the water in the hose she was holding, then to the well the hose was connected to. Had the junction box been properly grounded, the electricity would have traveled to the ground there and not through the victim.

Pahrump Concrete has already corrected both electrical problems at its facility.