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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                     November 8, 2000
NEWS FROM: Nevada Highway Patrol                                                                        00-140


Nevada Highway Patrol to Unveil Mobile PrePass System
Nevada first in nation to implement mobile electronic screening at inspection stations

WHAT: Officials from the Nevada Highway Patrol, the Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety and the Nevada Department of Transportation will provide news media with a look at the deployment of the Mobile PrePass System. The Mobile PrePass System allows commercial vehicles to comply electronically, via a transponder that is affixed to the window of the vehicle, with state and federal regulations to bypass participating truck inspection stations at highway speeds. This unique electronic device gives NHP commercial enforcement officers confirmation of the carrier's credentials, including fuel taxes, registration and insurance information. After all the information is verified, the transponder directs the driver with both visual and audible signals. If all is in order, a green light and tone advise the driver to bypass. Otherwise, a red light and a tone alerts the driver to pull into the inspection station for processing, just as trucks without PrePass do. The entire procedure is conducted at normal highway speeds and typically takes less than four seconds.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 8, 2000


WHERE: Mustang Inspection Site

I-80 East at Mustang Exit

WHO: Nevada Highway Patrol Chief Col. Michael Hood

Nevada Department of Transportation Charles Cerocke

Nevada Department of Transportation Russ Law

WHY: Funded by HELP, Inc./PrePass, with no cost to Nevada taxpayers, this technology helps ensure the safe operation of commercial vehicles on Nevada's highways. The PrePass system allows NHP commercial enforcement to efficiently focus their time on non-PrePass carriers who must stop at a NHP inspection stations. Benefits to participating carriers who are not required to stop at inspection stations include: the cost savings associated with avoiding lost time while at the inspection site, expended fuel and delay in product delivery.