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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                 September 11, 2000
NEWS FROM: Division of Parole and Probation                                                         00-136

Parole and Probation Displays Huge Weapons Seizure
P & P to destroy over 200 firearms and weapons confiscated from offenders

Carson City, NV-Officials from the Nevada Division of Parole and Probation provided news media with a look at an array of over 200 firearms, knives and other weapons seized by Parole and Probation officers during contact with offenders under their supervision. The items were displayed at the Carson City Parole and Probation office on Monday, September 11. In some cases, weapons were seized by task force investigators and P & P officers during periodic drug sweeps and/or during unscheduled home visits.

The weapons were confiscated from offenders residing primarily in the metro areas of Reno, Carson City and Las Vegas, with the total seizure representing evidence in cases that have been adjudicated. Brand names of several of the guns include: Ruger, 45 Glock, Smith & Wesson and Uzi. Other fabricated firearms shown were "Saturday Night Specials," sawed off shot guns and many more home made or fabricated guns, knives and batons. The street value of the seizure is estimated at over $50,000.00.

DMV & PS Director, Richard Kirkland, said the weapons are scheduled to be destroyed at the Nevada National Guard. "This seizure provides a graphic example of the types of firearms Parole and Probation officers often discover during contact with offenders," Kirkland said. "Nevada's citizens are certainly safer by our officers' diligent work in getting these weapons off the street." Large quantities of seized firearms from adjudicated cases are destroyed approximately three times a year. The District Attorney representing each county gives the authorization to destroy the confiscated weapons.

Parole and Probation is a Division of the Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety. For more information on the weapons seizure program, contact Acting Chief Warren Lutzow at 684-2604.