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NEWS FROM: Nevada Highway Patrol-Criminal History Repository 00-132


Annual Crime and Justice in Nevada Publication Released
Serious crime rate down 8.7% statewide, violent crime declines in all but one category

Crime rates in Nevada show a significant downturn in almost all categories according to the annual Crime and Justice in Nevada report made public today by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety.

"These numbers are a tribute to Nevada law enforcement," said Governor Guinn. "I am pleased to see that our combined efforts - at the state and local levels - are working, in spite of Nevada's phenomenal growth in population. This is a commendable reflection of what is being accomplished in our legislature and in our courts, by law enforcement and by community groups."

The report covers the reporting period of January through December 1999. During that period, Nevada saw an 8.7% decline in reported incidents of serious crime from 1998. This slightly exceeds a preliminary FBI figure reflecting a 7% decline nationally. In the two years prior to this report, Nevada saw increases of 6.5% in 1997 and 3.6% decrease in 1996.

The overall drop was the result of an 8.3% decline in violent crimes and an 8.8% drop in property crimes. In the category of violent crimes, murder reflected a notable decrease of 5.2%. Other violent crimes of robbery and aggravated assault displayed decreases of 5.5% and 12.5%, respectively. However, the offense of rape reported 32 more offenses than the previous year, a 3.4% increase.

Overall, Nevada's crime rate, calculated per 1,000 population, fell in 1999 to 43.10. This figure is down substantially from 50.07 in 1998 and 57.74 in 1997. The crime rate figure represents the number of serious offenses (murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft and arson) which occur for every 1,000 population over one calendar year.

The report, generated by the Records and Identification Bureau of the Nevada Highway Patrol, a Division of the DMV&PS, is a result of Nevada's participation in the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. The UCRP is a cooperative statistical effort of more than 17,000 city, county and state law enforcement agencies which voluntarily report data on crimes in their jurisdictions. Pertinent data is a compilation of index crimes reported to DMV&PS by 37 local Nevada law enforcement agencies. The data is then transmitted through the Department to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, D.C. The 185 page report tracks reported incidents of murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft and arson crimes in Nevada.