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NEWS FROM: Motor Vehicle Division 00-130

DMV Gearing Up for License Plate Re-Issue
as Directed by '97 & '99 Legislature
Motorists To Receive License Plate Questionnaire

The Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety is preparing to issue new license plates to nearly all Nevada motorists next year. As directed by the 1997 and 1999 Nevada Legislatures, the department will be replacing the existing "Big Horn Sheep" standard-issue license plate with a new "Sunset" design. The Sunset plate will also be issued on new registrations beginning January 1, 2001.

Customers will not have to visit a DMV office to accomplish the change and they will not have to surrender the old plates. New plates will be mailed with registration renewal notices beginning in late 2000 and continuing through the year 2001. The new plates will have the same numbers and/or personalized lettering as the plates they replace.

Specialty plates such as Lake Tahoe, UNR, UNLV and veterans plates will not be re-issued. Motorists with these plates will keep them and will not receive a new set.

Of special note is the older, blue "Circa 1982" plates. These will not be re-issued, however, the Department needs to take an inventory of them. There is now a check box for Circa 1982 plates on registration renewal notices. Motorists should check "Yes" if they have these plates and wish to keep them.

The department will be sending all Nevada motorists a questionnaire approximately 90 days before the registration expiration date. This questionnaire will ask customers to confirm their mailing address and whether their plates are a specialty plate.

DMV&PS is asking the public to watch for this questionnaire and return it as quickly as possible. The department needs an accurate inventory of addresses and existing plates to handle the re-issue as efficiently as possible.

The estimated cost of the re-issue is $3,900,000, which will be paid from the State Highway Fund as directed by the 1999 Nevada Legislature (Assembly Bill 342).

License Plate Re-Issue Procedure

Here is the exact procedure for each motorist:

Motorists will complete and return the questionnaire to ensure DMV&PS has a correct address and type of plate.

Complete instructions will be included. Motorists will renew their registration as usual through the mail, Internet or telephone. Plates are not to be placed on the vehicle at this point.

When the new decal arrives in the mail, motorists will place it on the new plates and place the new plates on the vehicle. Old license plates can be recycled, discarded or kept as a souvenir.

Motorists must replace Big Horn Sheep plates with the Sunset design upon receipt of their new registration decal. Big Horn Sheep plates cannot be used on any vehicle after December 31, 2001.

Benefits of License Plate Re-Issue

The re-issue of the standard Nevada license plate brings several benefits. The Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety will be able to clear up inaccurate and outdated registration files. It will also be able to obtain correct names and addresses to serve the motoring public more efficiently.

Law enforcement will benefit from the improved accuracy in DMV records. Problems with missing, damaged and unreadable plates will be minimized. And, police will be able to easily spot unregistered vehicles.