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Nevada Rider Motorcycle Safety Program Kicks
Off Motorcycle Awareness Campaign

Gov. Guinn proclaims May as "Motorcycle Awareness and You" Month

The Office of Traffic Safety's Nevada Rider Motorcycle Safety Program announced a campaign today to heighten the awareness of the increasing numbers of motorcyclists on Nevada's roadways. The "Motorcycle Awareness and You" (M.A.Y.) campaign provides both drivers and motorcyclists valuable information about keeping safe on Nevada roadways.

In 1999, the number of licensed motorcyclists in Nevada was nearly 75,000. In the same year, there were 14 motorcycle fatalities and 691 injuries in 615 reported crashes. When motorcycle related crashes occurred, 75% of them involved a collision with another vehicle, usually a passenger car. More than 50% of all crashes involving a motorcycle and passenger car occurred because the motorist did not see the motorcycle, or did not see it soon enough to respond.

The M.A.Y. campaign is intended to reduce the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities associated with motorcycling by encouraging motorcycle operators to participate in rider education programs, wear the proper apparel, not drink and ride and operate their vehicle defensively according to the rules of the road. The campaign also encourages motor vehicle drivers to be cautious and watch out for motorcyclists, especially during their seasonal return to Nevada's streets and highways.

For a list of 31 motorcycle safety tips, call Kim Evans at 684-4554, and for further information about the M.A.Y. campaign, contact Jim Utterback at the Nevada Rider Motorcycle Safety Program at 687-4321 or 1-800-889-8779.