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Emission Station Registration Customers Give Rave Reviews to DMV
Vehicle registration at pilot emission stations a success

The Department of Motor Vehicles April 20th roll out of vehicle registration at selected smog stations has proved to be successful. According to the customers who volunteered to participate in the testing phase of the program, it was an easy process. "I never even got out of my car!" said Reno customer Madeline Rose. Ms. Rose and other DMV customers renewed their vehicle registrations on Thursday and Friday, April 20th and 21st at an emission station in Las Vegas and one in Reno. Emission station customers were invited to register their vehicles while at the smog station.

The emission station pilot program is one of three alternatives the Department will be offering customers, statewide, by the end of May. The additional program alternatives include drivers license and registration renewals via the Department website and through the telephone.

Drivers license and registration renewal customers will be able to log on to the DMV website by entering an access code that will be printed on their renewal form. Eligible customers are those whose vehicles require a simple renewal, without any changes to the customer's address or without late charges. Customers with first time vehicle registrations must visit their local full service office. Registration fees are paid with a MasterCard or Visa credit card. At emission stations, MasterCard, Visa, cash and/or checks are accepted. Eligible customers will also have the option of renewing their drivers license and vehicle registration by dialing the Department's toll free number. The same access code criteria and process as the web renewal will also apply to the phone option. The most common DMV forms are also available via a fax-on-demand program through the telephone.

DMV Deputy Director Ginny Lewis explained, "These technological alternatives will provide 24-hour options for our customers. In some offices, from 35% to 50% of our customers are standing in line for a simple renewal. Soon, they will have the ability to transact business from the comfort of their homes or offices." Ms. Lewis estimates that 95% of all vehicle registration renewals will be eligible and 2/3 of all drivers license renewals.