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NEWS FROM: Division of Parole and Probation 00-124

Parole and Probation Deploys Sex Offender Tracking Program
Unit to share offender information with law enforcement and community agencies

The Nevada Division of Parole and Probation is rolling out a new program that will closely monitor the activities of sex offenders. The Sex Offender Tracking and Observation Program, S.T.O.P., is designed to watch the movements of sex offenders, using special intelligence tactics. The S.T.O.P. officers will ID the worst offenders, track offenders' movements and determine specific trends in behavior that they will share with other law enforcement jurisdictions. This networking process with other agencies will allow Parole and Probation to better monitor the sex offenders currently under supervision, open the lines of communication with sex offender investigators and educate victims and treatment providers.

An informational meeting to review the program is scheduled this Wednesday, April 19, 2000 at 2:00pm at the Reno Parole and Probation office at 1301 Cordone Avenue. 1301 Cordone is located one block west of Kietkze and Vassar across from Nevada Bell. Attendees will include law enforcement personnel, victim advocates, treatment providers and other community organizations interested in learning how local law enforcement is currently monitoring sex offenders. Members of the news media are welcome to attend.

Parole and Probation was funded by the 1999 Legislature to authorize positions that provide specialized supervision to convicted sex offenders. Currently there are three officers providing this supervision in Reno and eight in Las Vegas. These officers' case loads are usually lighter than other parole and probation officers and they have the benefit of specialized sex offender supervision training. The Division is also responsible for assessment of sex offenders for the registration database that is maintained by the Criminal History Repository.

For more information on sex offender supervision and/or S.T.O.P., please contact Officer Troy Dillard at 686-1007 or Officer John Gould at 686-1008.