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NEWS FROM: Motor Vehicle Branch   April 11, 2000

DMV&PS Corrects Payroll Errors
State Must Seek Reimbursement From Overpaid DMV Technicians

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety is currently taking the final steps necessary to correct payroll problems which affect approximately 150 of the department's 654 DMV technicians.

Human errors were made as DMV Administrative Services staff set new salaries for nearly all DMV technicians during the first week of July, 1999. At that time, most technicians received raises as the result of a formal "classification study" which set new pay levels and work standards within the department.

The process of identifying and correcting the payroll errors took several months as the Administrative Services Division manually calculated the correct salary for each of the affected employees. The final errors were corrected in February, 2000.

Approximately 85 employees who were underpaid between July 1, 1999 and February, 2000 have already received disbursements in full to correct the deficiency.

Nevada law requires DMV&PS to seek reimbursement from approximately 65 employees who were overpaid during the same period. Overpayment amounts for individual employees range from $27 to $1,350. The total overpayment stands at approximately $23,000. Nevada Revised Statute 227.150 requires reimbursement of these taxpayer funds.

The DMV&PS Administrative Services Division is presenting each employee with a full explanation of his or her individual situation and repayment options. DMV&PS will be as flexible as possible to meet each employee's special or unique needs. The department will withhold no more than $50 per pay period unless an employee agrees to a higher deduction.

The classification study was the result of numerous requests for reclassification from DMV employees. Raises granted through the study were retroactive for the period of the study, January 31st, 1998 to June 30th, 1999. The retroactive pay was disbursed in late November, 1999.

DMV&PS is still working to resolve a number of issues with individual employees from the classification study and will carefully consider any employee's concerns with the current underpayment/overpayment corrections.

For more information, contact Administrative Services Chief Dennis Colling at (775) 684-4501.