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DMV Technicians Nab Counterfeit Bills
Training for New Hires Pays Off

Two DMV technicians who have just completed training spotted identical counterfeit $100 bills in separate incidents last week.

Both bills were being used to pay for vehicle registrations at the Henderson DMV office. The DMV customers who passed the bills are not suspects at this point in the case. The U.S. Secret Service will be handling the formal investigation.

One customer who submitted a counterfeit bill on Thursday, March 30th, said her son received it from a small bar in Henderson. The customer who submitted the second bill on Friday said he was not sure whether he received his bill from a similar establishment or from a different source altogether.

The Nevada Division of Investigation (NDI) was called in to pursue the case. Investigators say the counterfeit bills, both in the old style of $100 bills, were of poor quality. NDI will forward the bills and other evidence to the U.S. Secret Service.

DMV technicians receive formal training in the detection of many types of counterfeit documents such as drivers licenses, passports and vehicle titles. Both technicians in last week's incidents are among the 57 new DMV employees approved earlier this year by the State Board of Examiners and the Legislature's Interim Finance Committee.