One Click That Can Save Everyone Time at the DMV

If you plan on driving, then sooner or later that means a visit to the DMV. And if you consider there are nearly three million people in Nevada and the DMV completed over nine million transactions in 2017 alone, it’s pretty clear that the DMV is a busy place.

While this demand for the DMV isn’t going anywhere, there is one trick that can save all Nevadans some time: MyDMV. MyDMV is an online account that lets you complete nearly all of the most common DMV services from anywhere that has a secure internet connection.

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It’s simple to get started with MyDMV, and you can find a full list of services here. Your account will give you access to 19 online services which include registration renewals on cars, trucks and off-highway vehicles, new vehicle registrations for vehicles purchased from a Nevada dealer, address changes, driver history reports,duplicate licenses, movement permits, registration cancelations, insurance updates and more. Start your account here.

To date, MyDMV has handled over two and a half million transactions. Furthermore, 11,000 Nevadans are creating new accounts to utilize MyDMV each month. As more and more people take advantage of this online tool, physical DMV locations will see reduced wait times, making the DMV a more pleasant experience for everyone.

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But what if you need a DMV service not offered online?

It’s true, there will be times when you need to go into an actual DMV location, but even in this case, one click can save you from waiting in line.

Using Dash Pass Appointment, you can schedule an appointment up to 30 days in advance to visit the DMV. You need only arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to check-in. You’ll even have a separate check-in line—look for the appointment sign near the information counter.

To get started, just pick your date and time online. The DMV is adding more slots to accommodate the popularity of Dash Pass Appointments.

So next time you add “DMV” to your to-do list, skip the wait and head online. MyDMV and Dash Pass Appointment can save a lot of time in just a few clicks.