Visit the DMV From the Comfort of Your Home

The next time you have to head to the DMV, check online to see if you can skip the trip altogether. You can complete services, such as vehicle registration renewal, most moving permits and more, from the comfort of your own couch. While a DMV representative won’t actually show up at your home, you can still access multiple services online at MyDMV.

Change Your Address

Woman at laptop

If only moving could be as easy as changing your address online with MyDMV. With your MyDMV account, you can change your physical and mailing address for your license and vehicles in mere minutes. Your updated documents are then sent to your new address in the mail.

Renew Your Vehicle Registration

Get a smog check if needed and you can renew online instantly. Your vehicle must be within 35 days before expiration or up to 18 months after expiration (late fees will apply).

New Vehicle Registration

If you recently bought a car from a Nevada dealer, you can transfer your existing license plates to your new car after you register it online. Or, you may opt to receive new plates in the mail. Vehicles purchased from a private seller or out-of-state still require a visit to the DMV. However, you can now make an appointment with Dash Pass Appointment.

Vehicle Resale Notification

Protect yourself after you sell your car by notifying the DMV of the sale. The sale must be within five days of the notification.

Insurance Update

Update the DMV online with your current insurance policy if you change companies or get a different policy.

Discover other online services that your DMV offers and make a “virtual appointment” today. If you do have to visit a DMV office, use Dash Pass Appointment to eliminate the time you spend in line.