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Real ID Bulletin

Real ID Driver License

DMV has made major changes to driver’s licenses and ID cards. See how the Real ID Act may affect your new license, renewal or update.



PLANNED OUTAGE: Online services and kiosks will be unavailable for driver's license and ID card transactions on Sunday, August 2, from 6am to 11:30am.


ERROR MESSAGES: Customers using older web browsers may have trouble completing online transactions. Upgrade your browser. See Online Services for more information.

DASH PASS: DMV reports wait times are dropping.

NEW STAFF: DMV has hired 93 new techs and supervisors who are now being trained.

TECH FEE: DMV is charging a $1 Technology Fee.

ONLINE VEHICLE REGISTRATION: Most vehicles purchased from a Nevada dealer can be registered online without a DMV visit! You can transfer plates or we'll mail new ones.


Number of customers in line at the metro offices
There is NO waiting online.